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Sip and chat

Stay connected with your friends in the travel industry and have some fun on our
weekly webinars. 
We have teamed up with Destination Webinars to bring you 'Sip and Chat'.
Sign up to join the weekly live chats every Wednesday. 

Week 8: Meet Alp, Live from Turkey

Meet Alp from Age Tourism & Events in Turkey and admire the view! Watch recorded Livestream here. (fast forward to the middle)

Week 7: New Apartments in Edinburgh!

Meet Lynne from Cheval Collection's new addresses in Edinburgh and admire the view from it's rooftop. Watch recorded Livestream here. 

Week 6: Fontelunga Celebrates 20 Years

We struggle to get a word in with these two! Voted as the best Livestream so far!
See recorded livestream here.

Week 5: Live from The Parthenon

Meet Villy from Unforgettable Greece and admire the view from the top of the Acropolis! Discover which lesser known islands have never had a case of coronavirus and are now open to tourists! See recorded Livestream here.

Week 4: Live from the Louvre

Zarina tells us about "designer masks" in Paris and shows us her sculptures she's been doing while in isolation. 

Week 3: Mothers' Day in Venice

Filippo from I.D.I. Italy & France tells us what he misses the most and questions Paolo's cooking abilities...

Week 2: Veggie Garden Envy

Doug from Cheval Collection in London shows us how his three sons have started a new business during the pandemic. Wow!

Week 1: Coffee & Cake

Paolo and Phillip from Fontelunga Hotel & Villas in Tuscany tell us how they are surviving quarantine and Paolo bakes a cake!


"Great, uplifting and happy... that's how travel should be!"
- Robert Elias, MTA Travel
"Loved catching up with the Fontelunga boys while making dinner... they are so lovely and entertaining!"
- Tracey Nelson, Bayview Travel
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