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Week 8: Meet Alp, Live from Turkey

Meet Alp from Age Tourism & Events in Turkey and admire the view! Watch recorded Livestream here. (fast forward to the middle)

Week 5: Live from The Parthenon

Meet Villy from Unforgettable Greece and admire the view from the top of the Acropolis! Discover which lesser known islands have never had a case of coronavirus and are now open to tourists! See recorded Livestream here.

Week 2: Veggie Garden Envy

Doug from Cheval Collection in London shows us how his three sons have started a new business during the pandemic. Wow!

Week 7: New Apartments in Edinburgh!

Meet Lynne from Cheval Collection's new addresses in Edinburgh and admire the view from it's rooftop. Watch recorded Livestream here. 

Week 4: Live from the Louvre

Zarina tells us about "designer masks" in Paris and shows us her sculptures she's been doing while in isolation. 

Week 1: Coffee & Cake

Paolo and Phillip from Fontelunga Hotel & Villas in Tuscany tell us how they are surviving quarantine and Paolo bakes a cake!

Week 6: Fontelunga Celebrates 20 Years

We struggle to get a word in with these two! Voted as the best Livestream so far!
See recorded livestream here.

Week 3: Mothers' Day in Venice

Filippo from I.D.I. Italy & France tells us what he misses the most and questions Paolo's cooking abilities...


"Great, uplifting and happy... that's how travel should be!"
- Robert Elias, MTA Travel
"Loved catching up with the Fontelunga boys while making dinner... they are so lovely and entertaining!"
- Tracey Nelson, Bayview Travel

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