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Le Pavillon des Lettres is Paris’ original literary boutique hotel, set deep in the 8th arrondissement.


The Pavillon des Lettres offers 26 rooms and suites, each dedicated to a different letter in the alphabet and in turn a great writer from European history – from B for Baudelaire, S for Shakespeare and Z for Zola.  Words from each writer are stenciled onto the walls of each room,  behind each door lies the spirit of a poet, writer, virtuoso or genius, giving a unique atmosphere to the hotel.


Designed by Didier Benderli these interiors are an alliance of the arts – combining literature, painting and sculpture in a subtle dialogue.


Rooms start at €230 per room per night. 

For more information contact (0)3 9597 0119 in Melbourne
or (02) 8264 7828 in Sydney or email contact@thehotelconnection.com.au 


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