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I.D.I. has expanded their luxury concierge service from Italy to France.

They offer tailor made tours and individual itineraries specifically designed to suit the needs and interests of each traveller.


Cooking class in Avignon

The class is held in an old kitchen in a famous cooking school. This school invites some of the regions greatest chefs to lead cooking classes for all cultinary enthusiasts. After the lesson, you will have the pleasure to taste your cooked dishes.


Paris Bike tour

Paris is a cyclist’s dream with its bike lanes, which allows visitors to explore classic monuments, neighbourhoods, hidden charming back streets, open air markets and gourmet streets. Perfect for everyone, kids, families or groups of friends.


Perfume making workshop in Grasse and wine tour in Saint Jeannet

The visit will lead you through a laboratory and the conditioning room where the origins of perfume can be traced. During your perfume making workshop, you will learn all about the mysteries of how a perfume is made, from the raw materials to the perfume itself, by means of distillation and enfleurage. 


For more information contact (0)3 9597 0119 in Melbourne or (02) 8264 7828 in Sydney or email contact@thehotelconnection.com.au 

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