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I.D.I Italy & France

Filippo and his brother explain the current situation in Italy and France.

Cheval Apartments, London

Cheval Collection isn't slowing down! In fact, they are expanding by introducing two new addresses in Edinburgh! Most of the locations have stayed open throughout this period and you can book now!
See fully flexible rates here.
View details on Edinburgh here.

Unforgettable Croatia

You can book these small ship cruises NOW!
With only 10 cabins, ...

Fontelunga & Borgo69, Tuscany

Paolo explains what will be implemented for the reopening of Fontelunga. Meanwhile, follow Borgo69 on Instagram to see it come to life during the final stages of the building process.

Paris Hotels

You can book these hotels NOW!
They are open and keen.

Unforgettable Greece

Greece is officially open! Discover which lesser known islands have never had a case of coronavirus and are now open to tourists!
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