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Italian Dream Incorporated is a luxury on site company based in Italy that offers tailor made tours and individual itineraries specifically designed to suit the needs and interests of each traveller.


Italian Dream Incorporated (I.D.I.) can arrange:

·         Tailored walking tours throughout Italy with a professional and informative guide

·         Private transfers, from cars to helicopters, chartered flights, luxury boats in the Mediterranean

·         Customised exclusive access to museums and monuments such as Saint Mark’s Basilica,
          Borghese Gallery and the Vasari Corridor

·         Prestigious accommodation options throughout Italy ranging from city hotels to luxury villas

·         Kids tours such as the Gladiators’ School where children can try on traditional togas and take part  

          in the training of a Roman battle with protective amour and wooden swords in order to become a

          real Roman Gladiator.

For more information contact (0)3 9597 0119 in Melbourne or (02) 8264 7828 in Sydney or email contact@thehotelconnection.com.au