Eastern Journeys is a luxury onsite based in China. Travelling through China, Tibet, Mongolia and Hong Kong we hope, will open your eyes to the dynamism of this fascinating part of the world.

China is a unique travel destination and it offers tremendous variety and diversity - from the old Imperial capital of Beijing to the mountain scenery and exotic hill tribes of Yunnan Province, from its wonderful historic sights such as the Terracotta Warriors in Xian to the incredibly fresh seafood that is served as part of Shanghai's delicious cuisine, from the spirituality of Tibet to the almost humbling Silk Road and its incredible Buddhist cave art.

Enjoy the cultural splendours of this country but maybe also take time to understand what the 'New China' is all about and we hope that our experienced local staff will add to the enjoyment of your journey through this amazing country.

China offers travellers fantastic opportunities and experiences and Eastern Journeys would be honoured to help you put together an itinerary that is uniquely created so that you can travel at your own pace to the parts of China that interest you.


For more information please contact The Hotel Connection on contact@thehotelconnection.com.au or call (03) 9520 2353 .



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